Stars In Brass, CD by Cory Band

Stars In Brass

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Robert B. Childs

CD permanently out of stock. Music digitally available.
Music Sample
No. Track / Title Music Sample Sheet music
01Hymn To New England
02Miss Blue Bonnet (Cornet Solo)
03Newstead: Fanfare To The Docks
04Newstead: Caldy Hills To The Priory
05Newstead: Shipbuilding On The Mersey
06Carnival Of Venice (Eb Horn Solo)
07Forgotten Dreams (Cornet Carillon)
08Tuba Muckl (Eb Bass Solo)
09Comedy Tonight
10Fantasy Orientale (Euphonium Solo)
11She's Out Of My Life (Cornet Solo)
12Gothic Dances: 1st Movement
13Gothic Dances: 2nd Movement
14Gothic Dances: 3rd Movement
15Wild Mountain Thyme (Flugel Solo)
16The Faithful Hussar (Trombone Trio)
17Choo Choo Boogie (Vibraphone Solo)
18A Faroese Folksong
19Show Me The Way To Go Home
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«Stars In Brass» is a Brass Band CD by Obrasso. The CD was recorded 2005 by Cory Band and the conductor Robert B. Childs.

The music label Obrasso Records belongs to Obrasso Verlag from Switzerland. The Cory Band has recorded a lot of music for Obrasso. The Sheet Music for Brass Band are available at Obrasso’s webshop.

All sound carriers are also available digitally on the popular portals of Apple, Amazon, Google, Spotify and other providers worldwide.